Chevrolet Diamonds & Dreams


At Chevrolet, we know famous baseball moments are not forgotten. They live on to inspire and help build the game’s next generation of memories.

Through the Diamonds & Dreams program and sweepstakes, Chevrolet and MLB are able to support baseball on a community level across the country.

For 2012, Chevrolet awarded 12 field makeovers over 12 weeks. Winners not only got to reward their communities, but were also rewarded themselves with a $1,000 gift card plus the chance to win a new 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco.

From the backyards to the big leagues, Chevrolet is proud to give back to the game and support the famous moments still to come.

Go to to see how the Diamonds & Dreams program is supporting baseball from coast to coast.


Chevrolet and Major League Baseball


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