Postcards from Pure Michigan

Right This Way



Perfect Spot


I Spy

Surround Sound


Copy reads in order of postcards:

We go this way to school. That way to work. One way home. And before we know it, we get stuck in a routine. So let’s take a left instead of a right. Instead of the direct route, let’s take the scenic route. To a place where something new and exciting is waiting for us just around the corner. Right this way to Pure Michigan.

Not all treasure is buried. Sometimes it’s right in front of us. We can find it where the sand plays tag with the shore. Where the stones skip the farthest. Where fun is always the first one up. And the last to go to bed. Where 3,288 miles of golden shoreline says dig into the treasure that’s Pure Michigan.

Stand up straight. Don’t chew gum in school. Always say please and thank you. Walk. Don’t run. There are rules we all have to live by. Thankfully, there is a place we can go where ‘no rules’ is always the rule of the day. A place that yells ‘go for it’ up, down and all around. A place where 3,288 miles of freshwater freedom is Pure Michigan.

We all have one. That perfect spot. A special place we go to smooth out the ripples of the day. It might be on a dock or on a boat. Upstream or downstream. Casting a line in the clear, fresh waters of Michigan lets us leave anything weighing us down back on shore. Our perfect spot is calling. Our perfect spot is Pure Michigan.

The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder. The warm memories of summer are beginning to fade. But we still have time for one more outdoor party. It’s time to celebrate Michigan’s autumn with 19 million acres of fireworks in the sky. Majestic oaks and mighty maples wrap the entire state with color, leaving us speechless, not counting our ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs.’ Look up. The party is still on in Pure Michigan.

Let’s play I Spy. I spy something pumpkin orange. I spy something McIntosh red. From mid-September riding high through the end of October, Michigan’s forests and farms truly know how to paint the town red. And purple. Yellow. And orange. So let’s get out there and play. The most amazing game of I Spy ever is Pure Michigan.

This weekend, there will be no satellite TV. No HD. No flat-screen LCD. This weekend, there will only be surround sound. The sound of brooks and streams. The wind through the trees. And best friends sharing stories, and laughing into the night. On a sandlot. At a campsite. At the water’s edge. On the 19 million-acre playground that’s Pure Michigan.


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