#UseMeLeaveMe Digital Campground

Free beds. Free bikes. Free bashes. Because Interactive.

At South By South West, traffic is tough, hotels are booked, and events are super-exclusive.

So we built a program to solve all three festival headaches.

Introducing UseMeLeaveMe – a technology-fueled experiment in transportation, lodging, and access.

We made free bikes that tweet where they are and what they’re doing.

We created a contest to give a free house to festival-goers.

And we built a teched-out space to relax, connect, and have fun – where everyone’s invited.

But if we built it, would they come?

Turns out, people loved it. And the press did too. Telling us that people embrace tech when it solves a human need. And if it solves three, even better.

So what will we solve next? Hard to say, but you’ll wanna use it.

How can we not just do the typical stunt at South by Southwest, but actually solve the logistical problems everyone experiences at the festival?

To solve the lodging problem, we gave a house to the highest social-voted team. To solve the traffic problem, we created free tweeting bikes. And to solve the the access problem, we built a teched-out event space where everyone was invited.

We hosted over 3,000 guests, garnered 8.5 million social impressions, and earned $10 million in new business – totaling a 2,857% return on investment.

Razorfish + South by Southwest