#UseMeLeaveMe Tweeting Bikes

HONORS & AWARDS for #UseMeLeaveMe Free Town Bikes That Tweet:

2014 WEBBYs – Connected Products Category
2014 ADDYs – Best of Digital, Gold for Self-Promotion Integrated, Silver for Social Media
2013 Fast Company INNOVATION BY DESIGN AWARDS – Transportation Category
2013 Shorty Awards – Best Use of Social Media In Real Life
2013 Tomorrow Awards – Celebrating The Future of Creative Innovation


Every year, convenient transportation at SXSW is lacking.

So we had an idea how to help: free bikes – that tweet.

Introducing UseMeLeaveMe – an experiment in technology, transportation, and social behavior.

We outfitted bikes to tweet where they were, what they were doing, and how they felt…then we released them into the wild.

People rode the bikes over 150 miles in 5 days, and used them in other ways.

Not every bike was treated with care, but most survived, telling us that people treat public property better when it behaves like a person.

The project captivated blogs, news outlets, and even one the world’s largest bike share programs chimed in, saying UseMeLeaveMe raises the question of urban transport redesign through social networks.

So what will the bikes do next? Well, they’re not saying…yet.

Guerilla Stunt + Social Media = Live Tweeting Bikes