Precisely To The Point

Nobody likes to sit through a pre-roll ad they’re not interested in.

So what if GMC could give video content that people actually like? Video content that increases brand appeal without making people want to hit the skip button.

That’s what Precisely To The Point is all about: a precisely targeted campaign that delivers GMC pre-roll ads that are related to what people are already searching for on YouTube.

Looking for travel? We have a GMC ad that has the perfect destination.
Stupid pet tricks? We have a GMC ad with a circus of animals.
Music? We have a GMC ad that’s pitch perfect.

Strategically, we analyzed what our GMC demographic searches for on YouTube.

We then overlaid brand / Vehicle / & retail messages on top of the demo data to create GMC ads that appealed to the people searching for the top search terms.

Format of each video is a unifying host and stage presenting the vehicles.

Each ad will appeal to YouTube searches within the first 5 seconds to “hook you” before the SKIP button appears.

All in all, Precision Data Analysis + Precision Product Messaging and Targeting + Entertainment to gain relevance and awareness for both GMC and its Precision campaign.

Group Creative Director
Pre-roll and YouTube search video